Bio-philia Clients

A client who discovered me through the Inman Park List serve. She had a some foundational plants to work around, the need for a deep reworking of her veggie garden, and some particular issues needing to be addressed since they just had some hard-scaping redone. I drew up some plans, we went shopping together, and I must say I am pretty proud of where this garden has bloomed into through the Spring and Summer.


This is the same client as above, but a few months after completing her front yard and doing maintenance on it, the family decided the back yard needed some love as well. Sadly, I didn’t take photos of all the leriope and ivy I pulled out. I just went straight into attack mode.


Another client in Inman Park who wanted some young foundational plants put in to grow over time and who focusing on budget. This client had a huge bed of over grown iris, day lilies, and all sorts of weeds. So I worked to thin through it all, and reuse anything I could free from the overgrowth.